gradient academy

Gradient Academy is a 6 months intensive programme that gives you the tools to kick-off your career. It's free, until you get the job — Starting October 2019

Pay Nothing Until You Get The Job

No student loan, no debt, no upfront costs. It's all on us.
Once you get a job you will pay back Gradient Academy 10% of your income for four years.
gradient academy works with in-house recruiters who will make sure you will get your dream job. For the full four years.

Real Projects and In Demand Technologies

Shortage of skilled tech workers is costing the UK economy alone £63 Billions a year. Our classes are structured around industry needs and most in-demand technologies. Once on the programme, you'll work on real projects using relevant tools. The first course will be full-stack web development.

In-house Talent Managers

Our Talent Managers will make sure that you find your perfect job at the end of the programme. Moreover, they will follow your career path for the next 4 years giving you vital support and advices.

Full Stack Course

Payment Options

£0 upfront + 10% of your income for four years once you get the job£12k upfront + no income repayments

Computer Science Foundations, Algorithms, Data Structures, Web Technologies, React/Redux, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Full time schedule 9am-5pm - Starting October 2019

24 weeks

Anywhere in the UK — live, online interactive lessons

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gradient academy starts October 2019 — we will be in touch soon to let you through our selection process